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WHI 2013 Conference DVD Now Available

WHI 2013 Conference DVD
WHI 2013 Conference DVD


World Healer 2013 Conference

World Healer Institute 2013 Conference
World Healer Institute 2013 Conference


World Healer Institute 7th Annual Conference
The Essenes and Ancient Wisdom
June 27-30, 2013 - San Diego Mission Valley Rresort
Call to Register - (619) 516-3999


Welcome to the World Healer Institute

Joseph Costa, Founder of the World Healer Institute
Joseph Costa, Founder of the WHI
I'm Joseph Costa, Founder of the World Healer Institute, and I want to welcome you to this website.  Let me start by telling you some facts about our organization.

The World Healer Institute is a Non-Profit Organization (501c3).

The specific purpose of this corporation is to implement a culture of wellness and healing. We do this by offering educational programs utilizing seminars, events and training, and by conducting research to promote self-healing and wellness.

Vision Statement

The intent of the World Healers is to raise the wellness level of World consciousness, and cleanse the Collective Consciousness of self-destructive thoughts.

4,000 World Healers will be trained to be examples of being free and living in wellness. They will understand Oneness, the Collective Consciousness, Male and Female relations and the Inner World. They will be educated to heal the self.

As a non-profit organization, funding for this endeavor will come from many sources; donations from individuals, companies, and grants.


This is a unique time in the history of the world and world healers have a special job to help all human beings make the "2012 Shift" in consciousness from the 3rd to the 4th dimension.

You may not know anything about "the Shift", but if you do an Internet search on the numbers 2012, you will see that there is something pretty big going on in the world. From every part of the world there will be reports on what might be happening to the Earth connected to the end of the world calendar.

Does this mean the end of the world? Does this mean the world will turn upside down? Does it mean that we are going into the 4th dimension? And, what does this have to do with the Collective Consciousness and World Healers?

World Healers are a unique group of beings, not what anyone would expect.

A World Healer has the interest of the World and it's people in his or her heart. This means having the commitment to wellness of the collective and individual minds in the context of oneness. He or she commits to the wellness of the world mind and its Earth body as well as to the individual mind and body.

The World Healer is specifically focused on wellness in these four areas:

  • Planet Earth; its physical World and its psychic World
  • The Collective Consciousness; cleansing all thoughts of self-destruction and manifestations of such thoughts.
  • Masses of People; applying new scientific principles and psychic formulae for people with similar illnesses.
  • The Individual Human Being; giving the individual the understanding of healing the self.

Word of Welcome

"It is a special opportunity to partake of studies through the World Healer Institute. I welcome you!  The requirements are stringent in order to ensure the quality of your learning and the final result of being able to assist in special projects to heal World Consciousness . You will find your studies of high quality.  I encourage you to go in depth in your studies, be curious, be passionate.  Use the staff for advice and do your personal karma cleansing.  I look forward to seeing you in the program."

Joseph Costa Ph.D., CEO
Founder of the World Healer Institute

Joseph Costa holds a doctorate in transpersonal psychology.  He has written numerous books on the life of Jesus, including The Second Coming of Yeshu.  Other books are: Primal Legacy; Thinking for the 21st Century, and Bringing the Eagles of Consciousness to the World.  He is a board member of the International Association for Regression Research and Therapies, Inc.  He founded the Institute of Thought and the World Healer Institute, and is the originator of the new World Oneness Olympics.

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